East Entrance Project



Project FAQs

Congregational Support Response (PDF - Online Survey)

 Members of New Hope are excited to announce a proposal to build a canopy.  The canopy would include the East door, extending halfway across the adjacent section of the parking lot and would provide cover to protect us from weather elements when dropping off or picking up people. This would make drop off/pick up much more convenient, without disrupting the traffic flow. Moreover, it would give our beautiful building and campus the entrance it deserves! Included in this project would be the completion of additional stonework to match what currently exists and repairs to the flat roof over the walkway between the courtyard gardens and the offices, which are showing signs of rot in the supporting posts. Just as we take care of our own homes, we need to take care of OUR church home.

We are referring to this new addition as the “East Entrance”, named after the East Gate or Golden Gate, of Old Jerusalem. Jewish believers believe that when the Messiah arrives, he will enter Jerusalem through this Eastern Gate. The Eastern Gate of the Old City is the place at which the parents of Mary met after the Annunciation. Also, the site of the gate became a symbol of the virgin birth of Jesus. Jesus passed through this same gate on Palm Sunday. “So that those who come in can see the light.” Luke 8:16

We are excited to move forward with faith and optimism to the bright future that lies ahead for New Hope United Methodist Church.  We feel this is a good time with our current financial state. Due to hail damage, the major re-roofing project we anticipated undertaking was completed at no expense to the church and our mortgage has been paid in full. With materials and labor costs rising swiftly, we feel it is important, and provides the best value, to act now.




We welcome any questions or concerns you have.  Please email them to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We ask each of you to pray about this project. We know the power of prayer and we know God hears each prayer! This is OUR church. Together, with God’s grace and blessings, we will accomplish great things.