Digital Service from Sunday, January 24th:


SOUPER Bowl ~ January 31th and February 7th:


Those in our community are in greater need than ever so we can't sideline our annual SOUPER BOWL event!  Want to get in the game instead of cheering from the stands?

KICK OFF is Sunday, January 31st! We are asking you to help by bringing a nonperishable food/personal care item (or 50) on Sunday, January 31st and/or Sunday, February 7th to score a point for the team of your choice in New Hope's version of Super Bowl LV. These items can be dropped off before/after parking lot services - held at 9am and 10:30am.

Visit your team's END ZONE to drop off your donation on your way out of parking lot church! Our New Hope QUARTERBACKS will gladly accept the PASS and see that your donation helps add points to the scoreboard for your team!

Each item you donate counts as 1 point. Would you prefer to make a monetary donation? Each $1 will count as 1 point too! Points will be verified by the refs at halftime (after services end on January 31st). Many times a team comes back stronger in the second half so we won't know for sure which team had the most TOUCHDOWNS until after services on SOUPER Bowl Sunday, February 7th!

**Expired items will be a TURNOVER and point for the other team, so PLEASE check those dates before you donate**

Our SOUPER Bowl items will be donated to local food pantries.  THANK YOU for getting out of the stands and getting in the game to help tackle hunger in our community!